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Remove waste responsibly with the help of our demolition contractor crew

Rid your property of its waste in an environmentally friendly manner with our budget-conscious recycling. Our Scrap-It team of trained employees can safely and to code remove your unwanted metal structures. We also provide yard clean ups, removing all waste, recycling what can be recycled, and disposing of the rest responsibly along with our demolition services.

Our team of demolition experts are trained to recognize hazardous waste. We do not handle hazardous materials but we can recommend reputable companies to dispose of any hazards we may encounter.

Enlist an experienced and dedicated demolition contracting team

Our team is experienced with removal of industrial buildings, equipment, yard and farm clean ups, and obsolete equipment removal. Call for references and a list of jobs performed.

Licensed and Bonded contractor
License #PARBEE89202

Georgia Pacific Site Demolition in Bellingham, WA